Important Dates

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  • October 29-30- Vision and Hearing Screening
  • October 30th– ECC Fall Festival (During School)
  • November 2nd– Winter Athletic Fees Due
  • November 12th& 13th– Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • November21st-23rd– No School

From The Principal

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BIA Parents,

I wanted to express my gratitude for the wonderful turnout at Bethesda’s Fall Festival. It was an absolute joy to be able to talk and maintain strong fellowship in the name of Christ.   It was wonderful to see that the children seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves.  In creating themed events that attempt to be as engaging for our diverse student community, Bethesda International Academy organization appreciates the support to ensure that students have the best experience possible.  Everything we do here at Bethesda is meant to provide the best experience for our students.  That is something that we tirelessly work toward every single day.  Your children’s growth and development are Bethesda’s top priority.


Joseph Dembowski

News for the Parents

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  • ECC Parents- the early childhood center will be hosting their annual ECC Fall Festival on OCTOBER 30th.Students are encouraged to dress in costume for the event as they participate in Fall themed games and activities.
  • For students who are planning to participate in winter sports (3-4, 5-6, 7-8 Basketball and 5-8 Bowling) athletic fees are due.As a reminder, if you submitted payment for fall sports, you do not have to submit additional payment for the following winter and spring seasons. Payment for the athletic program is a one-fee.
  • The 5thand 6th basketball season will begin within the next couple of weeks. Please confer with Ms. Nosko about permission slips for participation in the athletic season.

News from the Classroom

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  • October 29-30, Nurse Pat Braun will be screen BIA students for vision and hearing
  • October 30 is the day of the ECC fall festival, which will be run in the morning. If you are a specifically assigned volunteer for the event, please arrive for a start at 9AM.
  • Teachers are beginning the process of scheduling parent teacher conferences. Please look out for information regarding times and dates.  Should a slotted time not work well, please notify the office so a specific time can be agreed upon.