Important Dates

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March 21- 1-4 Basketball Practice

March 22- Hot Lunch Taco Bell

March 29- End of Third Quarter

March 30- St. John’s 1st-4thBasketball Jamboree

April 8 and 9- Parent Teacher Conferences

April 16-Spring Carnival

From the Principal

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Good morning and happy Monday.  As the weather slowly turns to Spring-like conditions, it is important for students to be prepared in the event that we utilize the outdoors for gym and recess time.  Please ensure that students have a separate pair of shoes, along with sweatshirts, sweatpants, and coats.  Per our school nurse Pat Braun, the flu season has not quite wrapped up, which is why it is important to adequately prepare for those outdoor experiences.


Joseph Dembowski


News for the Parents

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  • On March 23rd, 2019, Chicago Public Schools will be holding a Title I workshop from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM at Malcolm X College for parents who have children enrolled in Title I service programs.  Our very own Sandra Gorney will be one of the presenters at the event to talk about the service offerings and the process that the program entails, along with offering a variety of resources to take home for the serviced students.  We strongly encourage parents of Title I students to attend, as it is a great opportunity to learn about and obtain additional resources to help support the student.
  • As reenrollment forms continue to come in, I wanted to post a reminder that the rate for March re-enrollment registration is currently at $125, which represents a $25 discount. 
  • Over the upcoming weeks/months, Bethesda classes will be scheduling visits to the Chicago Public Library to build and extend curriculum development offerings at Bethesda. It is a wonderful supplemental resource to have so close to our school.  
  • On behalf of Bethesda International Academy, we wanted to thank those who have taken out the time to donate funds for a designated Bethesda auction basket.  The CLEF organization auctions these baskets off to their donors to help raise money that directly benefits our student body.
  • At this point, teachers have been posting in their newsletters volunteer possibilities for our upcoming BIA Carnival.  If you would like to gain volunteer hours by helping run a game or taking a small group of kids around the gym for games, please reach out to the office or your designated teacher.
  • 1stthrough 4thbasketball shirts are due to arrive this Friday. Please ensure that if you had brought home a jersey that they are washed and returned to school by Friday.
  • As a reminder, Bethesda’s Fine Arts Festival has been moved to a May 2nddate to accommodate an acted performance of select scenes from Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

News from the Classroom

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  • For the Fridays leading up to the end of the year, the Pre-K3 class will be continuing to conduct their Mystery Reader story time event. There is currently one date, May 3rd, which still has an opening
  • The PK-3 & PK-4 classrooms will be planning walking field trips to the library in the coming weeks.
  • 5&6 Science class will be conducting several labs this week and will need to be outdoors to partake in the labs.  Please ensure that students have adequate outdoor clothing. 3rdand 4thare currently at work with simple machines. They will be integrating several topics of friction and simple machines to conduct a STEM crash test challenge toward the end of this week.  The construction phase will begin Thursday in class. 7thand 8thare wrapping up section 2 of their Sexual Health and Education course midweek.