Why a Christian School?

God gives His People the task of preaching the Gospel of salvation through the cross of Jesus Christ to all His people. With these thoughts in mind, the members of Bethesda Evangelical Lutheran Church established and operates Bethesda International Academy under the following motto:

“The Education of the Soul is the Soul of Education.”


A Christian school developing global leaders for the 21st century. Bethesda helps fulfill this ministry through education, worship, evangelism, fellowship, and service.

Education is focused on facilitating the education process in children so they may develop and use their abilities to serve God and others. The Christian education offered at Bethesda is committed to the principle of providing a complete education for God’s people by meeting their spiritual, social, emotional, academic, and physical needs. In addition to the standard school curriculum, religion is taught in a formal setting and is the framework through which students are led to approach life.

Worship at Bethesda is not confined to the daily classroom devotion or whole school worship services, but occurs in all aspects of the school experience. Children are nurtured in their prayer lives and encouraged to pray privately and corporately whenever the need or opportunity arises.

Evangelism is always present for and through the children who attend Bethesda. They learn to witness naturally and effectively as they observe their teachers’ witness. Through their daily lives, students witness to each other and to their community.

Fellowship benefits all members of the Bethesda community. Students and staff accept one another as fellow members of the body of Christ. Each person’s uniqueness is recognized, and individuals are helped to achieve their full potential. Each knows that he or she is a valued, accepted and respected part of the school community.

Service is a natural part of Bethesda’s school life. Children are led to help others, not only in school, but also in the community and the world. Teachers encourage Christ like compassion and love for all people. Teachers and students volunteer to serve others together and individually. Bethesda Lutheran School serves its families in various ways and helps parents to carry out their responsibilities in a Christ-like manner.

Bethesda International Academy is accredited through the National Lutheran School Accreditation process. An approved written school plan has been implemented and is reviewed quarterly by the Board for the Parish School.

The teachers of Bethesda have pledged themselves to continue professional and spiritual growth. They meet the Illinois Board of Education standards for its parochial teachers, and are certified.