Elementary School

Grades 1 through 4

A welcoming environment encourages and motivates the primary learners and engages them in a challenging and innovative curriculum. The caring and nurturing staff in our elementary program  continue to build and expand on the reading and mathematics foundation established during the early childhood years.

* The reading program has been expanded to include chapter books and award-winning literature. Critical thinking skills and more complex comprehension skills are introduced.

* Students master more complex computation skills and higher level operations in mathematics.

* Multi-disciplinary learning takes place in the science and social studies curriculum. Spelling and language arts skills are expanded and enriched using the cross-curriculum approach, as well as stand alone subjects.

Schoolboy Studying In Classroom With Teacher* During these years the writing process is introduced to the students. Children move from forming simple sentences to more complex written constructions such as introducing paragraphs, informative reports, and creative writing assignments.

* Research skills are also introduced at this time.  Students learn to identify and work with resource  material, organize information, develop an outline and put together a simple bibliography.

* Computer skills are introduced in the primary grades. The students have the opportunity to practice and expand their technological skills through the use of our mobile computer lab and SMART Boards.

  • Students engage in music, painting, drawing, art history, and physical education classes.
  • All classes have daily outdoor recess (weather permitting).
  • Participation in extracurricular activities, such as cross-country, begins during the primary years.

Extended care (before and or after school  is available).

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