News from the Classrooms

By February 13, 2018Uncategorized

The Distribution of Ashes takes place on Ash Wednesday’s chapel service on February 14th at 9 AM.  A form goes out this week to students in the ECC building asking whether your child wants to be a part of this distribution.  Please return this form to the classroom teacher on or before the indicated date.  Children in grades 3rd-8th will be asked to make their own decision concerning this matter.

The 7th and 8th graders will hit the slopes for some sledding at Warren Park on Tuesday, February 13th!

Valentine fun on the 14th of February in all of our classrooms!  Share the love!!

Congratulations to our E-Spark and Honor Roll Certificate recipients for the 2nd Quarter.  The Spark winners are Esther Adesanya, Sebastian Encarnacion, Mya Hubbard, Nevin Saini, Matthew Malou and Meklit Taye.     The Honorable Mention Honor Roll recipients are: Gaelle Bennet, Emmy Hakkas, William Hernandez, Joen Jun, Joshua Adesanya, Samer Maher, and Daniel Olasupo.  The Maroon Honor Roll recipients are: Fionn Saykawlard, Ariel Gauthier, Phillip Eslick, Mya Hubbard and Steven Eslick.  An our top Gold Honor Roll recipients are: Hadassah Morris, Grace Choi, Teo Rosas, Matthew Malou, Sarah Olasupo, Meklit Taye, Benjamin Anglemire, Aden Getahun, Delilah Correa, Leo Konkey, Gerald Okuna, Amos Lacatus, Julia Brandt, Esther Adesanya, Hazel Correa, Sebastian Encarnacion, Elena Eslick, Mikayla Hakkas, Jordin Kadiri, Andre Mejia, Mumtaz Sajwani, Olivia Whatley and Zoe Whatley!