At Bethesda International Academy, our educational philosophy challenges children to become global leaders of the twenty-first century. In preparing students for that promise, it is our goal to lead young scholars through forms of collaboration and communication that become necessary in higher educational levels. We embrace the use of technology in our classrooms early on as a daily part of our core curriculum that addresses proper forms of collaboration and communication. As the world becomes increasingly more technology-dependent, it becomes necessary that to be successful citizens, students must learn how to efficiently and effectively manipulate the technological world to their educational benefit. Technology in the classroom assists teachers in preparing students for the real and ever-evolving world.

Fotolia_102415882_Subscription_Monthly_MWe believe that integrating technology into the classroom is a great way to teach to different learning styles. Beginning in kindergarten and extending all the way to 8th grade, students are enrolled in a reading & language arts program on iPads called eSpark. eSpark uses various technological forms of media; core integrated videos, highly-rated manipulative apps, presentation tools, text-to-text comparisons, and audio and visual enhancement to the texts they work on to make the learning process fun. This is done in order to provide each student with a closely monitored individualized learning plan based on their own, specific MAP test scores.

When students in the upper grades have completed their individualized program on eSpark, they are enrolled in Khan Academy. Khan Academy connects reading to elements of social studies, the various sciences, the arts, and other forms of informational text. This gives an opportunity for excelling students to become integrated into concepts they will undoubtedly be covering within their high school and college years.It provides students the ability to work at their individualized capability and rate.

Fotolia_66553843_Subscription_Monthly_MThe classrooms are also equipped with Smart Boards and projectors. Teachers and students are able to create presentations to transform the classroom into an interactive learning environment where students become curriculum masters. In addition to using iPads in the classroom, the students also work on laptops in our computer lab to conduct research, create presentations, and practice their typing skills within more familiar forms of usable applications such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel that they will need to understand and utilize at higher educational levels. In preparing these students with all the technology based manipulatives at our disposal, It makes Bethesda International Academy an ideal place for students to grow as twenty-first century learners.